Benefits Of Tanning Lotions

How to Choose the Best Tanning Lotion

There are a variety of tanning lotions that are available in the market.  It can be difficult to tell which one among them is the best and suits your preferences. It is therefore advised that one should have a few guidelines to find the product of their choice. Suppose you are considering getting these products online, then you should be keen because here they are quite confusing. The methods used in advertising the products can be quite appealing that you might find yourself falling for the wrong thing. You should an extensive research about these goods and know the most recommended ones. From then, you can make a concrete decision. Here are some of the guidelines for finding the best product.


First, it is important to know the components of the lotion. A good tanning lotion will have an ingredient that helps in achieving the tanning effect. The most common constituent of all tanning lotions is the dihydroxyacetone. This chemical is best known for reacting with amino acids found in the skin to give the best effect. This component is also crucial in decreasing the flaking of the skin, and through this action, the suppleness and the moisture on the skin are retained. You are therefore advised to confirm if this compound is available and in what percentage.


The color and the smell of the Tanner should also be considered. Many of these products have an awful smell that will leave the skin smelly. Some of them leave unappealing color on the surface of the skin that can be very disgusting. To get the right product, it is usually advisable that you do a skin test to make sure that the particular lotion or cream will match the color of your skin. Depending on your choice, you can go for a tanner that has some little scent or something not scented at all. A good lotion is that which has a nice texture and is easy to apply on the skin.  Know more about tanning at


You are expected to know the particular area of the body you intend to tan. These products come in a variety of ranges and depending on the area; there is always the best one for it. For instance, when your main aim is to turn the face, you are supposed to go for the facial ones which are usually gentle as compared to the others. It is also wise to test a new product before applying it on the body, read maui babe browning lotion review here!